First official post. I’m finding the same odd mix of excitement, curiosity and hesitation I usually experience when I’m around very small children—the hesitation stemming from hyperawareness of children’s impressionability. To think that anything you say or do, and possibly think or feel, is forever recorded in another’s experience is, well, mind blowing. Writing is no different. It brings to mind a part of "Salutations!" an article written by Keith Raniere:  

In either case, our present is a point from which rays of information proceed. Everything we write on the internet, no matter how small, has global effects—and those effects will propagate for the rest of human history. Will those effects be rays of joy and hope, or power driven falsehoods foisted as, and ultimately becoming, reality? We now are initiating the future legacy of humanity. If we are not loyal to reality—if we do not approach this task with noble joy—no amount of compensation will rectify our effects. 

"Approach this task with noble joy." I wouldn't have it any other way. Enchantée.