© 2012, Ivy Nevares. All rights reserved. Photo by Megan Mumford

Ivy Nevares was born in Mexico City and has since lived in nine different cities in Mexico, the United States and South Korea. Her time in Korea, however, would play a more defining role. Seoul, bustling and exploding with cultural diversity, provided the space for a first awakening at the age of sixteen; her experiences inspiring a deeper search to understand herself and the world around her. 

In 1995, Ivy returned to Mexico to attend the Technological Institute of Monterrey (ITESM), where she earned a B.A. in International Relations with concentrations in Literature, Writing and Foreign Languages. During her senior year, she worked as attaché and interpreter for Nobel laureate Bishop Desmond Tutu during the State of the World Forum for Emerging Leaders. Moved by Bishop Tutu’s humanitarian leadership, she began exploring avenues for bringing about life-affirming transformation. 

In 2000, Ivy moved to New York City to work with the principal U.S. division of PEN International—the world’s oldest human rights and international literary organization. At PEN America she coordinated advocacy campaigns exposing the plight of imprisoned and persecuted writers and journalists around the world. Although passionate about furthering freedom of expression through this work, she was discouraged by the brevity of its impact: no sooner a victory claimed, another mind silenced.

Two years later, Ivy came across Executive Success Programs (ESP), a company founded by scientist Keith Raniere. She joined the company as a professional coach, later rising to the position of regional executive. In this role, she coached and mentored hundreds of people, and helped others to grow into executive positions within the company.

From 2002 to 2017, Ivy worked with ESP as a writer and editor. In addition to managing the company’s communications and collateral writing projects, she devoted time to developing other writers and editors. She also worked with Mr. Raniere to develop applications of Rational Inquiry®, ESP's proprietary methodology, for use in critical information processing and analysis, and world media.

As a further expression of her interests, Ivy is an accomplished performer, choreographer and instructor of various dance forms. She began classical ballet training and performances at the age of four with Bellas Artes ballerina Laura Urdapilleta. In college she began diversifying within the art form, additionally training in Flamenco, Argentinean Tango, Ori Tahiti (Tahitian dance), Hawaiian and Middle Eastern Belly Dance. In 2004, she became an independent instructor and choreographer of Flamenco, Belly Dance, Tribal Fusion Belly Dance and Ori Tahiti in the New York Capital Region. Three years later, she founded Nataraja Center for Movement Arts in Clifton Park, New York. There she and Mr. Raniere launched Ultima™ in October 2007. Ultima™ is a highly experiential, multidisciplinary program designed to advance the full range of human expression in all its various forms.

Since July 2005, Ivy and Mr. Raniere co-authored and published numerous articles on science, philosophy and ethics in the Mexican scientific journal, Conocimiento. After a special edition of the journal was dedicated entirely to their literary creations, the authors decided to publish a series of collections of their articles. Their first book in this series, Odin and the Sphinx—a compilation of the first twenty-five articles—was published in August 2008. Their second book, The Sphinx and Thelxiepeia with a foreword by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, was published one year later.

From 2016 to 2018, Ivy worked with The Knife Media, a media analysis company. She and a team of talented journalists, analysts and professionals in related fields examined the bias in today's news, presenting readers distinctions in ways that could promote both critical thinking and unbiased journalism. There, she held the roles of editor, lead media analyst and writer.